We are Amaranto, a small creative studio that cares.

Amaranto means Amaranthus, collectively known as amaranth. It's an Aztecs Holy seed, considered as a superfood for all its beneficial properties. What we enjoy a most about this seed, is that it gives rise to an immortal flower. In the same way, we are here to helping your projects & ideas sprout, grow up, bloom, and never fade.

In love with our work, but also with our planet, we are a creative studio specialized in comprehensive & conscious branding. From logotype to print collaterals, we build carefully-crafted identities with relevance & attention to detail, supporting projects looking towards a sustainable & respectful future.

Nowadays, we move fast and break things. That’s why we need a “back to basics”, focused to pinpoint the most essential. Finding inspiration in Nature, type specimens & every small pleasures of daily life, we want to keep things simple , while creating memorable experiences.

Before running her own studio in Marseille, Margaux Sarlin worked with Remolino, Menta and Bienal Comunicación. She lived in Buenos Aires & Mexico City before going home in the French Mediterranean Coast.
Branding: Naming, Logo Design, Identity Systems, Illustration & Pattern, Brand Guidelines

Print: Collateral, Stationery System, Print & Production, Product Packaging, Editorial