Vida Essere

Branding, Packaging
Guadalajara, Mexico.

Vida Essere is a restorative 21 day meal program designed to bring health and vitality back to your life.
From certified organic ingredients which are sown and grown by local farmers (México), the 100% vegetarian dishes of the Vida Essere program are cooked by chefs, and delivered to your door.

Convinced that food plays a fundamental role in mental and physical health, Lindsey Alt, founder of Vida Essere, has surrounded herself with nutrition and cooking experts to prepare a 21-day Reset program, with each meal is delivered in totally biodegradable packaging, made of sugarcane and cornstarch. Each label indicates the day of the week to which it corresponds, as well as the advice of preparation or conservation.

Essere means "well-being" in Italian, Italy, which is one of Lindsey's origins. 

In addition to the nutritional Reset program, product lines of dietary supplements, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, artisanal chocolate...will be developed in order to continue to accompany each person in their rebalancing and reconciliation with a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

We designed a unique and impactful identity for Vida Essere, where typography plays a primary role, to prioritize reading and effortless understanding. Simplicity in its effectiveness... In order to reflect the living and energizing food, we used a colorful palette on the food program packaging, allowing each color to identify a day of the week. We used a more neutral and elegant palette on the Essere product lines.

A system of iconography around the food benefits and the solar cycle subtly complements the typography, to facilitate the understanding and the identification of each product.