Amaranto means Amaranthus in Spanish ; collectively known as amaranth. It's an Aztecs Holy seed, considered as a superfood for all its beneficial properties. What we enjoy a most about this seed, is that it gives rise to an immortal flower. In the same way, we are here to helping your projects & ideas sprout, grow up, bloom, and never fade.  

In love with our work, but also with our planet, we are a creative studio specialized in comprehensive & conscious branding. From logotype to print collaterals, we build carefully-crafted identities with relevance & attention to detail, supporting projects looking towards a sustainable & respectful future.
Nowadays, we move fast and break things. That’s why we need a “back to basics”, focused to pinpoint the most essential. Finding inspiration in Nature, type specimens & every small pleasures of daily life, we want to keep things simple , while creating memorable experiences.

Together, we can do great things

Your project deserves a particular attention. This is why each collaboration receives extreme consideration. We collaborate with conscious thinkers and creators, from all over the world, and we’d love to learn more about what you do. Please tell us a bit about your work and how we can help.


We love to work with people from other creative fields. If you want to partner and create a better world with us, don’t hesitate to send us your proposal.


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