Art Direction, Branding, Packaging
Marseille, France.

© Photographies : Juliet Airs
© Signpainting : Signalt

BOUJOU is a coffee shop based in Marseille's Corniche Kennedy, in the heart of the Malmousque district.
It's an informal expression which just means "hello" "goodbye" "hi" "kisses" in Normandy - a tribute to the origins of the founder, and which illustres a relaxed, simple and convivial way of life; just like this coffee place.BOUJOU is a real place for sharing and caring, with a sunny back-from-the-beach atmosphere, as it's right next to the sea. With a speciality coffee roasted by Ben Mouture, seasonal fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer across the street, a savoury menu based on the fishmonger's or butcher's deliveries... BOUJOU is firmly committed to supporting and enhancing the neighborhood merchants, while delighting the taste buds.

Designed in harmony with the interior architecture, we developed an organic, sunny and handmade identity. The imperfect letters of the logotype evoke the craftsmanship and the essence of coffee, while the natural & comforting color palette echoes the raw, mineral materials. A light & poetic aesthetic that comes to life and animates through the various applications, creating a visual coherence and a complete graphic language.
Shapes interlock, evolve and make the identity system an organic language, where nothing is fixed and everything remains alive.