Mc Kissack

Branding, collateral development
Mexico city, Mexique.

© Photographies : Manon Gvia

Mc Kissack is a leather goods brand founded by Isabel Perez Mackissack in Mexico City.
Born out of a passion for art and design, Mc Kissack opens its way through the doors of luxury with a product inspired by timeless elegance with a touch of uniqueness.

Production is meant to be limited and all pieces are made entirely by hand, taking care of every detail, making each piece non-reproducible and therefore, unique. Materials are sourced from responsible and environmentally conscious suppliers, and the lining of all bags is fully biodegradable and 100% organic.

For the visual identity development, we proposed a timeless and sober logotype that could stay elegant over the collections, fashions, and Time. We also imagined a bold monogram that combines the three letters M, C and K with a touch of femininity and art-deco influences.
The color palette combines deep black and pure white in a simple way, allowing each piece to shine with its colors and materials, without competing with the identity of the project.