Branding, Packaging, Art Direction
Hyères, France.

© Photographies : Manon Gvia

Founded by Anne-Claire BOYER and Carl REVILLIOD, SEREAUM was born from the union of their skills towards a common goal: the health of the body while respecting that of the planet. Both are convinced that a human being who is in good health will be more respectful of the life that surrounds him, and will have the reflex to take care of himself, as much as to take care of the Living.
The creation of a local marine plasma was thus an obvious choice. Drawn from Hyères in the Mediterranean Sea, SEREAUM has the will to democratize the benefits of this living and natural product. Its manufacture is totally artisanal, committed and controlled. 

We designed the identity system, fresh and iodized; through a soft and fluid typography, and a drop icon representing the balance, the cycle of the water, the endless life... We developed the labels of the product by leaving place to the essential: the transparency and the purity of the plasma, of the sea.